Additional Tournament Information

Restricted hallway

Only team officials are allowed in the change room hallway, please make sure your parents understand this prior to the tournament. Six (6) team officials will be provided with badges allowing them to proceed down the hall. Each team official must sign for their badge at registration upon arrival for their first game.

We are a not-for-profit tournament. Please remember to bring your badge back at the end of the tournament so we do not have to incur additional expenses replacing them for the next year

Female Players

Having girls change in a separate dressing room is at the discretion of each team; many pre-Peewee teams have both genders together for all pre and post-game activities. A single change room will be available in which girls can change. The tournament does not have the ability to provide more than one change room therefore female players from all teams must share the one change room. Prior to the game, they are to move their bags and equipment back to the team change room once dressed.

Two adults (either female parents of the player(s) or female team officials having completed the Hockey Canada harassment and abuse certification Speak-Out course) MUST BE present in the change room at all times while the player is changing. The tournament cannot provide volunteers for this. Teams must make arrangements at the Command Centre to borrow additional badges for the period of time where interim access is required for this purpose.

Special Needs Players

Please have the parents come to the Command Centre (change room #1) to make arrangements for additional badges for the duration of the tournament where special needs players are involved.

Pre Game Procedures

There must be two certified team officials present anytime a player is in the change room. Players must stay in the change room or out of the hall; no practicing, roughhousing or other such activities are allowed.

Team officials are to fill out the game sheet as per tournament rules and regulations at the sign in table.

Players are not allowed on the ice prior to the referees being present. Once a volunteer has indicated that the ice and referees are ready, players are to line up outside the change room and follow directions from volunteers. The home team goes on the ice first and comes off last. Team officials are to go around the rink to get to their benches; no crossing of the ice surface is allowed

There is a 3-minute warmup during which the player rosters are called out over the sound system. Late players will be allowed into the game but must report to the Command Centre so that a Tournament Official decides when it is appropriate to let the player(s) enter the game.

Change rooms will be locked by tournament volunteers after the post-game juice is delivered to the rooms. Room keys will be kept at the command center. Teams are not allowed to keep the keys. The Tournament does not accept any responsibility associated with lost equipment, however there is a lost and found box in the Command Centre. If unlocking is required to retrieve something from the room or for an ejected or injured player, please ask someone at the Command Centre. In the case of an ejected or injured player prior to end of game, parents will be allowed in the change room.

Post Game Procedures

Players are to shake hands with opposing team members at the end of the game. After the handshake, the players line up on the blue line for the game hustler announcements. Players receiving awards are to retrieve them and return to the blue line. The “visiting” team exits the ice first after both awards are presented.

The change room doors will only be opened for players to enter when two team officials are present. Teams are asked to expedite their exit from the room in consideration of other teams coming in for the next games. Command Centre staff try to provide game sheets prior to team departure. If you have not received a game sheet, please retrieve it from the Command Centre.

Official postings will be made to the web site shortly after game sheet receipt from the referees; if technical issues are encountered, the formal posting will be done on the standings boards in the lobby and upstairs between the two rinks in the crush space.